Best Standing Desks and converters for 2020

Standing desks and workstations have been becoming more and more popular over the last few years. With the current Covid 19 issues keeping a lot of us at home many people are building or upgrading their home office. Adjustable Computer desks are especially helpful right now since many people are being forced into an almost sedentary lifestyle . There are some health benefits to standing desks – It can reduce back and shoulder pain and some claim even help with weight loss but it takes a little getting used to. One thing it does well is prevent the drowsiness that sometimes occurs when sitting down in one spot for hrs at a time. A height-adjustable standing desk means you can vary between sitting and standing during the workday. There are accessories available to customize your setup exactly how you want. From monitor risers to under desk treadmills, elliptical machines and balance boards. You can actually set up a desk to give you a workout opportunity . To me personally that’s a little much but for some people its a great way to keep an active lifestyle during these strange times.

We have personally tested as many options as possible, read reviews, surveyed users and this list is what we came up with as far as the best options for buying a new ergonomic standing desk . We made a point to avoid vastly overpriced Standing desks and stick with what we thing is the best value for the money. You can spend a LOT more if you want to. This is meant for people working for a living. Don’t hit us with email about how the $5500.00 upliftion pompous diva desk with built in latte maker is sooo much better than these. We do not give a rats ass. This is what we would recommend to our friends.

Standing Desk Converters

Converters are a great option if you want to keep your existing desk or just want a less expensive option. If you have never used a standing desk before this might be the way to go. If you do not like it you are not out a lot of money and you still have your old desk. These are our picks in no real order.

VIVO Black Height Adjustable 36 inch Stand up Desk Converter | Quick Sit to Stand Tabletop Dual Monitor Riser (DESK-V000V)

This is a very inexpensive option with plenty of space for duel monitors , a keyboard tray and a nice spot to keep your cell phone.

Stand Steady X-Elite Pro Corner Standing Desk | 40 Inch Corner Sit to Stand Desk Converter

This one comes in several colors and works well in cubicles. unlike some other options this comes fully assembled and ready to go. The action is smooth and it seems very durable

Victor High Rise Standing Desk Converter

The Victor High rise is the least expensive option on the list. It has a very sleek modern look . The maker claims easy Height adjustment but it does NOT adjust the sitting level. It does however have a neat little cup holder for day-drinking while working from home during the corona virus.

Standing Desks

ok, so you want to jump right in, you really want to ditch sitting down all day and buy a full fledged standing desk. You have a lot of options. These three are where We suggest you start your search.

Stand Steady Tranzendesk 55 Inch Standing Desk

This one is a full sized standing desk with a minimalist look . A very reasonably priced way to get all the benefits of an ergonomic standing desk. Good quality for the price.

Seville Classics AIRLIFT Pro S3 Electric Adjustable Standing Desk

Ok, we have to admit this is pretty cool. Duel electric motors quietly adjust this desk to your preferred height. Seems like a perfect setup to write a scifi novel.

OneSpace Martin Standing Desk

This has a more traditional rustic look. There are a lot of places where something of this style will be a much better fit. It has a very warm feel to it and might be a better choice for a location where you deal with clients.

Standing Desk Accessories

OK, so you found a desk you like.Now its time to personalize it. Here are a few ways you can get your new standing desk setup exactly like you want.

CUBEFIT Terramat | Standing Desk Mat with Built-in Massage Mounds, Acupuncture Balance Bar and Power Wedge

This thing had its beginnings on kickstarter. Designed by a personal trainer and engineer, the features include a full Balance Bar (works your core and lets you do calf raises), Two Massage Mounds (massages the soles of your feet), Power Wedge (stretches out your calves), Support Track (stretches out your hip flexors), Acupuncture Pressure Peaks (stimulates your feet). It makes a long day more comfortable and we are big on comfort around these parts.

VIVO Vertebrae Cable Management Kit

This is something a lot of folks overlook. Wire management makes a hug difference in appearance and keeps your IT guy happy. Very neat item and useful for a lot of different scenarios.

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