Where To Find Awesome Free Stock Photos For Your website or Blog

Free stock photos sometimes seem like the Holy Grail for bloggers. This post gives you REAL resources for high quality FREE content. Zero spam links on this post. . There are plenty of sites with a hand full of low quality free photos designed to lure you in to the pay area. Screw those guys, These five sites are packed full of great content that will help you up your game fast. Use them and go make something awesome.

1 . unsplash.com

Lets say you are writing a blog post about Castles in Romania ( I picked a random topic for a demonstration). All you have to do to get great photos is head on over to unsplash and just pop that in the search bar. It will bring up high quality photos that are free to use. It is customary to attribute the photo . When you click download a box pops up to give you the option of copying attribution information . It is not required to do so. You do not even have to be logged into the site. The quality of these photos is well beyond what most folks need and I would suggest resizing them before uploading them to your blog. The download for this one was sized at 61×40 inches.

Photo by Majkl Velner on Unsplash

2. Pexels.com

Pexels works pretty much the same as Unsplash. As a bonus, You can find some really nice video footage on Pexels. The drone section is inspiring in and of itself. They also give you the option of giving the creator of twitter or even sending a donation on paypal . That is in no way ,required but you can. This time I searched for Futuristic. There were some fantastic options but I liked this one.

3. foodiesfeed.com

Ok this is a topic I love. a lot of people love to share food pictures and at foodiesfeed they give food photographers a great outlet to do so. The pictures on this site are released under the creative commons license and free to download and use. I did a search for BBQ and this is one of the 100s of photos that came up on the site.

4. Reshot.com

The contributors to this site have shared a lot of very artistic work. It seems to have a slightly different flare. As with the rest of the sites listed here, the photos are free to download and use in your projects.

5. archive.org

Most of you already know about this one. Most of the pictures are older and in the public domain but this is still an amazing resource. Browse a will and you will be inspired


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